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00 Welcome to your English class!

E-GK 10-1 ZOOM in: Faces of the Commonwealth

Many countries have been ruled by the British government. This includes GB as well as the Colonies around the world.

E-GK 10-2 Unit 1: Discover Canada


E-GK 10-3 Unit 2: Inside India

E-GK 10-4 Unit 3: New Zealand news

Now let’s travel to New Zealand with its amazing Nature and culture. A land of enormous forces oft nature with

E-GK 10-5 xtra: Oral exam (environment)

Again, this oral exam will be divided in two parts: Part one: Monologue on a cartoonPart two: Dialogue about topics

E-GK 10-6 xtra: ZP – zentrale Abschlussprüfung E-GK (HSA)

Hier einmal der Link zum Thema Zentrale Prüfungen (ZP10) des Schulministeriums, hier findest du alle Informationen: https://www.standardsicherung.schulministerium.nrw.de/cms/zentrale-pruefungen-10/uebersicht/uebersicht-zp-10.php Table Of Contentshide1)

E-GK 10-7 Xtra: The East coast of the USA

Now the last lessons in English before you leave school – let‘s do something very nice! Maybe we travel to