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Englisch-GK 10

E-GK 10-7 Xtra: The East coast of the USA

Now the last lessons in English before you leave school – let‘s do something very nice! Maybe we travel to the USA, let‘s say to the wonderful und interesting East-Coast? At least virtually.

Intro: The East coast of the USA (travel journal)

task 1: You‘re going to collect all your impressions in your travel journal. Start a new PowerPointPresentation and create the front page. Be creative!
task 2: Now the first page of your travel journal: Insert this map of the USA and mark all the upcoming destinations.
task 3: The costs: You need a flight from home to Florida and back home from Maine. Also you have to lend a caravan for your trip. Surf the internet and plan the costs. This is page number three in your travel journal.

Now let‘s take off – don‘t forget your daily entries into your journal!

1) Florida

FloridaWS Make your own Florida quiz
WS Florida
WS Florida II

2) from Georgia to Viriginia

From Georgia to VirginiaWS 1 – Poster Exhibition
WS 2

3) New Jersey and New York City

New Jersey and New York CityWS 1
WS 2

4) From Connecticut to Massachusetts

From Connecticut to MassachusettsWS 1
WS 2

5) New Hampshire and Maine

New Hampshire and MaineWS 1
WS 2


The East coast of the USA (Planet-Schule)