E-GK 07 - Corona

KW 22 | E-GK 07 – Unit 4

Dear students, it’s week number 22 (KW 22). In this week we will meet only once – on wednesday. On wednesday we will go on with our unit about Northern Ireland.

The other days you have to work at home – a little bit of something. We talked about the importance of doing something on a daily basis, right? Don’t forget to send your results to your teacher!

Monday, 25th of May (homework): translate a text

  • page 74/75: There are five texts. Translate them in German and write them down.

Tuesday, 26th of May (homework): copy a text (writing)

  • copy one of the texts on page 76 (Sarah or Julie)

Wednesday, 27th of May (at school):

  • page 74/75: ex. 1-3, WB p. 54 ex. 1+2
  • read and understand: page 76 (read with a partner, vocabulary work)
  • page 76, ex. 2, 3
  • vocabulary Unit 4 – station 1: copy & learn

Thursday, 28th of May (homework):

  • vocabulary Unit 4 – station 1: practice here

Friday, 29th of May (homework): pentecost (Pfingsten)

Pentecost is a very old christian festival. As they say, it is the beginning of church itself.

  • First watch these movies.
Pentecost explained for kids
Pentecost in a documentary
a movie shows the story of Pentecost
  • Now find a crossword-puzzle here: Write down the sentences and complete them.
  • Now, translate this text. Don’t forgert to use a dictionary like www.leo.org.

send to your teacher:

  • translation of the five texts (page 74/75)
  • copy of Sarah’s or Julie’s text (page 76)
  • vocabulary Unit 4 – station 1
  • text from the crossword-puzzle on Pentecost

KW 12TB p.76: I’m really fed up!If-clauses II (Unit 4)Vocabulary Unit 4: Way-in + station I
TB p.77 ex. 5+6: Adjectives
KW 13shopping signs and noticesCorona-diary

If i had a million euros
if-clauses II
(Unit 4)

Unit 4: station 1
KW 14Corona-diary

about health
A good night’s sleepif-clauses I + II (Unit 4+3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: way in
KW 17My cityCorona-diary

My city / town
das Gerundium (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: station 1 +2
KW 18changes to the environmentcorona diary

changes to the environment
relative clauses with relative pronouns (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – reading corner
KW 19How to change your mindset about quarantinecorona diary

My experiences in the corona-time
The present perfect (Unit 2)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – film corner
KW 20A sumary…
KW 21
KW 22copy one of the texts on page 76Pentecostpage 74/75: translate

Unit 4 – station 1