E-GK 07 - Corona

KW 25 | E-GK 07 – Unit 4

Dear students, it’s corona-week number 12 (KW 25). In this week we will meet once only – on Wednesday, the 17th of June.

Please keep on learning every day, that’s very important for you! Don’t forget to send your results to your teacher!

Monday, 15th of June (homework)

revision (vocabulary)


  • Let’s practice the vocabulary from last week „giving advice“ here
  • vocabulary Unit 4 – station 2: practice here

Tuesday, 16th of June (homework): practice


If-clauses tpye II

Wednesday, 17th of June (at school): comparison forms


comparison forms

  • let’s read the shopping dialogue on page 80 again: notice the forms of comparisons
  • TB: comparison forms (text)
  • page 82 (language detectives)
  • page 162: copy or design a poster
  • page 162: test yourself

Thursday, 18th of June (homework): practice

  • page 82, exercise 7+8
  • WB page 59, exercise 4-6


comparison forms

Friday, 19th of June (homework):

You deserve a free day!

send to your teacher:

  • page 162: copy or design a poster (comparison forms)
  • page 162: test yourself
  • page 82, exercise 7+8
  • WB page 59, exercise 4-6

KW 12TB p.76: I’m really fed up!If-clauses II (Unit 4)Vocabulary Unit 4: Way-in + station I
TB p.77 ex. 5+6: Adjectives
KW 13shopping signs and noticesCorona-diary

If i had a million euros
if-clauses II
(Unit 4)

Unit 4: station 1
KW 14Corona-diary

about health
A good night’s sleepif-clauses I + II (Unit 4+3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: way in
KW 17My cityCorona-diary

My city / town
das Gerundium (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: station 1 +2
KW 18changes to the environmentcorona diary

changes to the environment
relative clauses with relative pronouns (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – reading corner
KW 19How to change your mindset about quarantinecorona diary

My experiences in the corona-time
The present perfect (Unit 2)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – film corner
KW 20A sumary…
KW 21
KW 22copy one of the texts on page 76Pentecostpage 74/75: translate

Unit 4 – station 1
KW 23„I’m really fed up“ (p.76)„What’s Steve’s problem?“ (p.79)song: „Let your tears fall“giving advice
KW 24By one, get one free (p.80), ex. 2-4If-clauses I+IIgiving advice
Unit 4 – station 2
KW 25comparison forms