E-GK 10 - discover Canada

2. Station 1 (page 12-15)

a) text: Team spirit at its best (p.12-13)

exercise 1: Read and prepare the text (note down new words/phrases/sentences and translate them).
exercise 2: Do the tasks 3-5 into your exercise book.

b) vocabulary

exercise 3: First copy the new vocabulary into your vocabulary book and then start learning with quizlet. Use the link below.

OL6(03) – Unit 1 – station 1

c) Grammar (page 14-15): Simple Present versus Present Progressive

exercise 1: Look into your textbook on page 14, read the green box. Can you remember the two tense forms (Simple Present, Present Progressive)?
exercise 2: Have a look on page 163 (Gegenwartszeiten). Read carefully and copy the page into your grammarbook.
exercise 3: Do the "test yourself" on page 163. Work very carefully!
exercise 4: Now do the exercises 7, 8 and 9 on page 14/15.
exercise 5: For more practice use the following link. Remember: Once you have finished one exercise, copy the correct sentences into your exercisebook.

01 Tenses/Zeitformen – 10 mixed Present – Simple versus Progressive