two women holding pink and red mugs
E-GK 10-5 xtra: Oral exam

6. tons of practice

1. cartoon analysis

exercise 1: Now do a complete analysis of a cartoon.

2. vocabulary work „environment“

exercise 2: Here is a text about our environment. Copy the text and fill in the blanks.
exercise 3: What whe should or should not do to protect our environment. Copy these sentenses into your exercise book.
exercise 4: Environmental problems - fill in the gaps and copy the text into your exercise book.

3. discussion stuff – videos

a) reduce, recycle, reuse

exercise 5: Which problems does the video present? What are the results?
exercise 6: The "Three Rs" (RRR). What are they? Give examples.

b) how to talk about the environment

ex. 7: … under construction …

3. texts on the environment

a) Greta Thunberg’s speech „How dare you!“

exercise 8: Watch Greta Thunberg’s famous speech. Read the text and note new words/phrases/sentences. Translate them.

3. special issues

a) fracking

Fracking is a very controversial method to get natural gas from deep layers inside the earth. There have been lots of discussions about it.

exercise 9: Describe the method „fracking“.

exercise 10: Why is it so controversial?

b) climate change – causes and effects

c) plastic waste – What happens to a plastic bottle?

d) renewable energies, traditional energies