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E-GK 08 - Unit 3

2. station 2 – One country, different worlds – the Amish

a) Who are the Amish?

task 1: Let's watch the clips about the Amish. What did you get? Take notes.

task 2: Now read the text on page 58. Add more information to your notes.
task 3: Read the text on page 58 and do the exercises 3, 4, 5. Workbook page 40 ex. 1a+b.
task 4: Now do this online liveworksheet about the Amish: How do the Amish people live? worksheet (liveworksheets.com)

When you have finished, you may watch this film:

b) A life without devices?

task 5) A life without devices? Create a mindmap “devices“ in your exercice book. Use the vocabulary list (Unit 3, station 2).
task 6) What are your three most important devices?
  • The most important device for me is… I couldn‘t live without it because…
  • The … comes second. It‘s important for me because…
  • Number three is… because….
task 7) Write a short text: “Could you live without electricity? What couldn‘t you use? What could you use instead?“
  • You can start like this: A life without electricity would be an adventure. I couldn‘t… I would… insted.

Smartphones: General English Questions (esldiscussiontopics.com)

The amish worksheets (eslprintables.com)