E-GK 07 - Corona

KW 13 – E-GK 07 | 23.-27.03.2020

Hello everybody, this is our second week online due to the corona-virus. We hope, you have got a nice time. Here’s something for you to do this week (KW 13 / Kalenderwoche 13). Before you start working, read this, please. You are invited so our daily blog.

  • Now open a new textdocument that you send to your teacher on Thursday 26th. Name it like this: KW 13 – E-KG 07 – family-name name.docx

Monday, 23rd March 2020: Shopping signs and notices (Reading)

  • The British Council offers a website about shopping signs and notices. Click here to do all the tasks (instructions, reading and worksheets. You don’t have to send any dacuments to your teacher, you can work on your own. Even the worksheet can be corrected by yourself.

Tuesday, 24th March 2020: if-clauses type II

  • Repeat the if-clauses type II and read on page 161 in your textbook. You can read about it here as well.
  • (-> into your document) Now write down one if sentence type II and explain in German, how it works.
  • practice here and here
  • (-> into your document) Copy and paste the following sentences and work on them:

Fill the gaps:

  1. If I ______________(be) you, I__________________(buy) a house.
  2. If you __________________(go) to Berlin, you _________________(see) the TV tower.
  3. If he _________________(speak) to his friends, he ____________________(get) new information.
  4. If she _____________________(meet) her grandma, she __________________(call) her via videocall.
  5. If it ___________________(rain), I __________________(stay) inside.
  6. If we __________________(play) hide and seek, I __________________(hide) behind the wall.
  7. If you ___________________(wake up) late, you____________________(miss) your train.
  8. If they ______________(wear) school uniform, they _________________(look) nicely.

Wednesday, 25th March 2020: Unit 4, station 1 (Vocabulary)

  • Learn the vocabulary of unit 4 way-in and station 1
  • practice here
  • (-> into your document) Write a sentence with every word from the box adjectives for feelings

Thursday, 26th March 2020: If I had a million Euros… (Writing)

(-> into your document) Write a text of about 100 words about: “If I had a million Euros, I would….”

  • write about 100 words.
  • Use at least 3 if-clauses type II
  • you can start like this: If I had a million Euros, I would buy a house. The house would be very big. It would have a pool and a nice garden…

Now send your document to your teacher: KW 13 – E-GK 07 – family-name name.docx. Do it til 3 pm.

Friday, 27th March 2020: Revisions