E-GK 09 - Corona

KW 12 – E-GK09 | 16.-20.03.2020 | Unit 4 – Way in

Hello boys and girls. It’s the first week we work together online because our school keeps closed for a while. Here you can find the things to do.

  1. Watch the youtube-documentation about Hong Kong. Enjoy it – it’s in German!
  2. After that try this exercise – it’s in German again!

Practice (writing, grammar, vocabulary…)

  1. (-> exercise book or text-document) Now write down at least 10 sentences about Hong Kong in English. Write short and easy English sentences.
  2. page 68/69: Look at the pictures and read the texts.
  3. Do exercise no 2 (write down all the sentences – correct them if necessary)
  4. vocabulary: Copy & learn the vocabulary from Unit 4 – way in. You can practice and learn them with quizlet here.

additional tasks

  • (-> exercise book or text-document) Prepare a mini presentation: A Hong Kong tourist spot. You can get an idea here.