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KW 21 | E-GK 09 – Unit 4

Monday, 18th May (homework)

  • Copy & learn the vocabulary from Unit 4 – way in. You can practice and learn them with quizlet here.
  • prepare a short talk about Hong-Kong (from last week)

Tuesday, 19th May (at school): Hong-Kong – from notes to text

  • Write the headline „Hong Kong“ into your exercise book
  • watch the short Videoclip about Hong Kong and take notes
  • read the Information on page 68/69 and add to your notes
  • now write your text about Hong Kong
  • revision: relative-clauses with relative pronouns (KW 14)

Wednesday, 20th May (homework)

send to your teacher:

  • text about Hong Kong
  • Vocabulary unit 4 – way in
  • worksheet (relative clauses)

enjoy your holidays…

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com