E-GK 09 - Corona

KW 26 | E-GK 09 – Unit 4

Dear students, it’s corona-week number 13 (KW 26). In this week we will meet only once – on Wednesday. It’s your last day at school before the holidays.

Don’t forget to learn every day and to send your results to your teacher!

Monday, 22nd of June (homework): … a greener live


leading a greener live

  • List some things that we can do to lead greener lives. You can use the ideas from page 76 (ex.5) and from page 101 (ex. 4)
  • vocabulary Unit 4 – station 2. Practice here

Tuesday, 23rd of June (homework):

Wednesday, 24th of June (last day at school): social media


Social media – no secrets, no borders?

  • read and prepare the text on page 78/79
  • copy the vocabulary Unit 4 – reading corner
  • page 78/79: do the exercises 3-5

send to your teacher:

  1. List some things that we can do to lead greener lives.
  2. copy the vocabulary Unit 4 – reading corner
  3. page 78/79: do the exercises 3-5

!!! holidays !!!

Photo by Nitin Dhumal on Pexels.com

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mini presentation: Hong Kong tourist spots
Unit 4: Way in
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Unit 3 – social differences
KW 21
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Unit 4 – station 1
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