E-GK 09 - Corona

Summer holidays! KW 27-32

As the sun is getting stronger from day to day, we’re really looking forward to our holidays.

Some of you asked me about some stuff to learn oder practice at home. Here are some things that you might do.

You may e-mail me, if there are any problems.

… wordpower!


adjective or adverb

relative-clauses with relative-pronouns

  • textbook page 169
  • practice here 
  • Practice this and write the correct sentences into your document.
  • (-> into your document) Practice this and write the correct sentences into your document.

the passive voice (simple past)

reported speech

  • Practice this and write the correct sentences into your document.
  • textbook, page 170
  • Do some exercises here.

The past progressive

reported speech with backshift

  • page 100, ex. 7
  • page 173
  • page 100, ex. 7+8: reported speech in the Simple Past
  • WB page 70/71: ex. 4-6
  • you can practice here


KW 1210 sentences about Hong Kong
mini presentation: Hong Kong tourist spots
Unit 4: Way in
KW 13interview Hendry Smilescorona-diaryAdjective or Adverb?vocabulary-book

describing the way
KW 14corona-diary

about health
A good night’s sleeprelative-clauses with relative-pronouns (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

vocabulary Unit 3 – way in
KW 17My citycorona-diary

my city
the passive voice (simple past) – Unit 3vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – station 1+2
KW 18changes to te environmentcorona diary
changes to the environment
reported speech (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – reading corner
KW 19How to change your mindset about quarantinecorona diary

Experiences in the corona-time
The past progressivevocabulary-book

Unit 3 – social differences
KW 21
KW 22copy the five texts from page 68/69Pentecosttranslate the texts from page 68/69

Unit 4 – station 1
KW 23sneakerheads (p.72)reported speech with backshift
KW 24For a cleaner Hong Kong (p.74)Hong Kong survey on green livingreported speech with backshiftUnit 4 – station 2
KW 25understanding charts