E-GK 09 - Corona, E-GK 07 - Corona

Dear students,

due to the corona-virus our school is closed for a while and we hope, we will meet again soon. Sure, we can handle this situation very well. So we made up this homepage for you to get some infos, exercises and work for English. We hope you will enjoy it. Here are some information how we can go on learning…

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  • On our tutorial-site your will find some technical support.


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Starting from the 23rd of March (KW 13)

  • You need a vocabulary-document [Vocabulary – E-GK 07 – family-name name.docx] or [Vocabulary – E-GK 09 – family-name name.docx]. Very often you will have to look up some words, for example at http://www.leo.org. Always work on this document and note the new words. You don’t have to send your document yet – we will have a look at it later. As an alternative, you can create an account on https://quizlet.com/de and collect your vocabulary there. Let me know which way you prefer.
  • You will write your corona-diary in a document [Diary – E-GK 07 – family-name.docx] or [Diary – E-GK 09 – family-name.docx]. Work on it daily, starting with a headline (entry from 23rd of March 2020). You don’t have to send your document yet – we will have a look at it later.. You can write about:
    1. Your day – what you did…
    2. Special interest – short texts about your hobbies or topics that you are involved in at the moment…
  • You will send your digital exercice-book every Thuesday, 3 pm. There will be a reminder to this every week. In the weekly posts you can leave a comment – it would be nice if you did so (;-).

So don’t forget your three daily tasks: vocabulary, corona-diary, exercise-book.