E-GK 09 - Corona

KW 20 – E-GK 09: A summary…

What we worked on so far…

KW 1210 sentences about Hong Kong
mini presentation: Hong Kong tourist spots
Unit 4: Way in
KW 13interview Hendry Smilescorona-diaryAdjective or Adverb?vocabulary-book

describing the way
KW 14corona-diary

about health
A good night’s sleeprelative-clauses with relative-pronouns (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

vocabulary Unit 3 – way in
KW 17My citycorona-diary

my city
the passive voice (simple past) – Unit 3vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – station 1+2
KW 18changes to te environmentcorona diary
changes to the environment
reported speech (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – reading corner
KW 19How to change your mindset about quarantinecorona diary

Experiences in the corona-time
The past progressivevocabulary-book

Unit 3 – social differences