E-GK 07 - Corona

KW 20 – E-GK 07: a summary

What we worked on so far…

KW 12TB p.76: I’m really fed up!If-clauses II (Unit 4)Vocabulary Unit 4: Way-in + station I
TB p.77 ex. 5+6: Adjectives
KW 13shopping signs and noticesCorona-diary

If i had a million euros
if-clauses II
(Unit 4)

Unit 4: station 1
KW 14Corona-diary

about health
A good night’s sleepif-clauses I + II (Unit 4+3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: way in
KW 17My cityCorona-diary

My city / town
das Gerundium (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: station 1 +2
KW 18changes to the environmentcorona diary

changes to the environment
relative clauses with relative pronouns (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – reading corner
KW 19How to change your mindset about quarantinecorona diary

My experiences in the corona-time
The present perfect (Unit 2)vocabulary-book

Unit 3 – film corner