E-GK 07 - Corona

KW 17 – E-GK 07

Lasst uns auf Englisch weiter machen: After our holidays we directly start in week number 4, counting our Corona-time (KW 17). What’s on this week?

  • reading: My city
  • writing: Corona-diary + My city
  • grammar: the gerund
  • vocabulary: Unit 3, station 1+2

Now let’s start!

Please remember to write your corona-diary daily an to work on your vocabulary book/quizlet on an daily basis as well.

Open a new document „KW 17 – E-GK 07 – family name name.docx“. Whenever you find the instruction (-> into your document), work with this document.

Monday, 20th April 2020: My city (reading)

  • Here you will find a flyer about Liverpool. First work online only and do the exercises:
    1. check your understanding: grouping
    2. check your understanding: true or false
    3. check your understanding: matching
  • (-> into your document) Now translate the the text on the flyer.

Tuesday, 21st April 2020: Vocabulary Unit 3 – station 1+2

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020: My city (writing)

Thursday, 23rd April 2020: The Gerund (Grammar)

Ein Verb wird durch das angehängte -ing zu einem Hauptwort, dann nennt man es ein Gerundium (engl. Gerund), z.B.:

  • to swim (schwimmern) -> swimming (das Schwimmen)
  • to hike (wandern) -> hiking (das Wandern)

Man benutzt es oft in Sätzen, die ausdrücken, was man mag oder nicht mag:

  • I like swimming.
  • Hiking is wonderful.
  • I hate tidying my room.

ACHTUNG: Die Endung -ing lädt zur Verwechslung mit der Verlaufsform (progressive ein). Schau: „I am swimming“ – „Ich schwimme gerade“. Diese ing-Form ist kein Gerundium, sondern Teil des Present Progressive. Klar?

  • (-> into your document) Copy the examples from page 158.
  • (-> into your document) Do the 6 test yourself sentences.
  • (-> into your document) Visit this page and copy the examples.
  • practice here

Now send your document to your teacher: KW 14 – E-GK 07 – family-name name.docx. Do it til 3 pm.

Friday, 3rd April 2020 (time for revision)

What we worked on so far…

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TB p.77 ex. 5+6: Adjectives
KW 13shopping signs and noticesCorona-diary

If i had a million euros
if-clauses II
(Unit 4)

Unit 4: station 1
KW 14Corona-diary

about health
A good night’s sleepif-clauses I + II (Unit 4+3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: way in
KW 17My cityCorona-diary

My city / town
das Gerundium (Unit 3)vocabulary-book

Vocabulary Unit 3: station 1 +2