high angle view of cityscape against cloudy sky
Unit 1: Gateway NYC

0. Way in

1a) Youtube: Travelguide NYC

exercise 1: First, watch the short video clip about NYC and take notes. Compare to your partners' sentences and correct them yourselves.

1b) TB page 12/13

Now let’s start with your books, open them on page 12/13.

exercise 1: Look at the five pictures - they all show places in New York City (NYC). Read out loud.
exercise 2: Look at number 1b) - there are five headlines that match to the five pictures. Copy the text number 1 into your exercise book and use the correct headline. Go on with pictures 2 till 5. 
exercise 3: exercise number 2 - copy the sentences into your exercise-book and comment with "right" or "wrong. After that correct the wrong sentences. 

1c) workbook pages 2/3

exercise 1: workbook page 2 - do the exercises 1a and 2. On page 13 do the exercise 1

1d) vocabulary way-in

Now it’s time for vocabulary: