selective focus photography of yellow sedan
Unit 1: Gateway NYC

1. Station – a taxi ride in NYC

2a) text: A taxi ride in NYC (p. 14)

exercise 1: read and prepare the text on page 14 (prepare: note down all words, clauses or sentences that you do not understand)
exercise 2: practice reading with your partner
exercise 3: Now work on the exercises 2, 3 and 4 in your textbooks.

2b) Situations: Act as a citiy guide (p.15)

exercise 1: Look at exercise 5 on page 15 in your TB and do it orally with your partner.
exercise 2: Do exercise number 3 in your WB (page 3).

2c) Time for Grammar: The Simple Past (p.16)

The Past-Tense is one the three main tenses in the English language. You can get an overview of all the tenseforms here.

To understand the meaning and the structure of the Simple Past, first read this. Then do the following exercises:

exercise 1: TB page 16 - Look at the green box and answer the question orally with your partner.
exercise 2: TB page 158 - read the grammar-page and copy it. If you like, you can create a better handout about the Simple Past (mindmap, ...)

To practice the Simple Past, the following exercises will help you:

exercise 3: Do the exercises 6, 7 and 8 (TB).

exercise 4: WB page 4 and 5. Work on exercises 4-8)

exercise 5: Learn the irregular Verbs - you need them to articulate Sentences in the Past Tenses (Simple Past, Past Progressive, Past Perfect) 

When you have learned the irregular verb-forms, you can practice her: