romantic black woman with chamomiles in hair
Unit 1: Gateway NYC

2. Station – Living the dream?

a) text: Living the dream? (p.18)

exercise 1: Read & prepare the text on page 18 (TB)
exercise 2: practice reading with your partner
exercise 3: do the exercises 2, 3 (listening) and 4 (TB) into your exercise book.

c) Grammar: The Past Perfect

first, let’s understand the Past Perfect

Before you start, read here for an overview of all the tense forms: Three main tenses, 3 different variations of each tenseform.

exercise 1: Now look into your textbooks, page 20 and read the green box. Can you answer the question?
exercise 2: Read and copy the grammar-page (TB, 159)

Now let’s practice the Past Perfect.

exercise 3: TB page 159 - do the "test yourself" exercises
exercise 4: Do the exercises 6, 7 and 8 on page 20/21 (TB).
exercise 5: Train with your workbooks, page7/8, exercises 5, 6, 7, 8.

For revision, use this:

d) writing a maganzine article on José

exercise 1: TB page 21 - write an article 

e) vocabulary