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Vocabulary, E-GK 10-5 xtra: Oral exam

2. wordpower: environment

Now, we are discussing about our environment, about pollution and about climate change. Let’s try to get some helpful vocabulary structured:

problems to be seen
– destruction / change of Nature
melting of the polar ice:

weather conditions:
– hot and dry summers
– rising temparatures
– bush fires
– huge areas of destroyed forests
– dead animals
– loss of animal habitats
– droughts will cause bad harvests
– storms
– very cold winters

pollution of air:
– CO2-emissions
– smog
– air pollution
– too much traffic

pollution of water:

deforestation of the rainforest:
– fire clearance of the rainforest

consequencesloss of animal habitats:
– some animal species will get extinct

loss of quality of life:
– spread of diseases

natural disasters:
– sea level rises, floods
reasonsnatural reasaons:

human influences:
– use of traditional energy: nuclear, oil, gas, coal
alternatives – what can be done?awareness:
– education
– campeigns

alternative behaviour:
– use green / renewable energies: solar, water, wind
– use less plastic
– eat less meat and dairy products
– save ressources
– fly less
– use bike or public transport instead of cars, trains, planes etc.
– don’t use your car so often

exercise 1: Copy the vocabulary above.
exercise 2: Do this worksheet (2 pages):