road between trees near snow capped mountains
E-GK 10-4 Unit 3: New Zealand news

0. Way in – New Zealand

1. Ten places to see in New Zealand

First, let’s travel to beatiful New Zealand

task 1: Write the headline "NEW ZEALAND" into your exercise book.
task 2: Let's watch this travel guide together. We will talk about your impressions after that.

2. TB page 50-51

a) talking about the pictures, Germany-New Zealand

task 3: Let's talk about the pictures taken in New Zealand. What do we get to know about the geography, nature und culture? Should we read the texts together? Ask, if there are any new words for you!
task 4: Let's talk about the differences of New Zealand and Germany. What do you think is similar?

b) listening: the project Jonah

task 5: Time for a listening exercise. Let's prepare the exercise 3 on page 51 before we start. Please write your answers in complete sentences.

c) writing: New Zealand

task 6: Do exercise 1b. Don't forget to give evidence from the text.
task 7: Now write a short article about New Zealand (geography, nature, culture). 

Words to help you: New Zealand is… | It’s famous for… | … is an amazing attracition | people all over the world know… | What I really like about New Zealand is…

3) time for vocabulary (page 189, Unit 3, way in)

task 8: copy the vocabulary into your exercise book
task 9: Give definitions for at least 5 new words. (example: A window is something that you can look through and open for fresh air. Unfortunately it needs to be cleaned regularly.
task 10: practice the vocabulary with quizlet.