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Allgemein, E-GK 10-4 Unit 3: New Zealand news

1. Station 1: A letter to an agony aunt (p. 52-55)

1) lesson one

a) introduction: Agony aunt?

task 1: The agony aunt? What the hell is that? Let’s start with two definitions. Can you find a good German word for it?
  • the anony aunt: A person you can call or write to when you are in agony.
  • agony: a very strong form of (mental) pain or problems
task 2: What do you think, why people write letters to an agony aunt? What kind of problems can you think of?

b) reading the text

Clara‘s problem…

task 3: Let’s read the first letter on page 52. Clara writes about her problems. What is she concerned about? Which advice would you give?

read & prepare

task 4: Read both texts (question and reply) and note all the new words or phrases. Let‘s clarify the vocabulary after that. Don‘t fool yourself (;-).


task 5: Do the exercises 3 till 5.

2) Lesson two: Past tenses (simple, progressive, perfect)


Übungen „tenses contrasted“ bei englisch-hilfen…

3) time for vocabulary

Copy the vocabulary unit 3, station 1 into your exercise book.
Now you can practice: