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E-GK 10-4 Unit 3: New Zealand news

2. station 2: eight years after (page 56-59)

1. lesson one

a) Introduction: Natural violence of New Zealand

We talked about the two faces of nature: On the one hand it can be wonderful and overwhelming, on the other hand nature can be a destructive and disastrous force: wildfires, floods, volcanic eruptions, storms and earthquakes.

This is, what the horrible earthquake in 2011 did in Christchurch, a city in New Zealand:

b) Reading: Eight years after


task 1: Read the text loud with your partner.
task 2: "Read & Prepare". Note down all the new words or phrases to be explained after that. Headline: "Eight years after".


task 3: Let's make a short quiz. Write down five questions about the text.
task 4: Now work on the exercises 2 - 4.
task 5: Write a newspaper article (page 59, ex. 9)

3. lesson two

a) Emergency calls

b) if-clauses type II

page 59/171

c) a newspaper report

page 59

4. time for vocabulary

task: Copy the vocabulary from Unit 3 / station 2 (page 190-191) into your exercise book.
task: Now you can practice here.