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Landeskunde, E-GK 08 Welcome to America

OL4-The USA – ZOOM in

Our new Englishbook is leading us to America or, as we say, to the United States of America.

lesson 1

Write a big and bold headline into your exercisebook: WELCOME TO THE USA!

First let’s watch a short videoclip about the USA (

Take some notes in German and then let’s try to put the information into proper English sentences.

lesson 2

Now take your Maps: Browse your books and mark the places in the map that the book shows us. Use different colours and write into the maps. Look at the last page of your book and add more information to your map.

Quiztime: Try this quiz! (Copy the questions into your exercisebook and answer them)

lesson 3

  • Now let’s open our books on page 8/9…
  • Go on with page 10/11.

Time for some new vocabulary (;-).