E-GK 10 - Inside India

2. Station 1

a) text: Working in India

exercise 1: Read an prepare the text on page 32 ("prepare" means "vorbereiten" - write down the words, phrases and sentences, that you do not understand. Make sure, you understand the text.
exercise 2: Practice reading with your partner
exercise 3: Do the exercise 3 and 4 on page 33 (TB).
exercise 4: workbook page 25 - do exercises 1, 2, 3 and 4 (page 26).

b) working as a volunteer abroad

exercise 1: Open your workbooks on page 26 and do exercise 4. Copy the text from 4a) into your exercise book.
exercise 2: TB page 35 - do exercise 9
exercise 3: WB page 27 ex. 27

c) time for Grammar: If-clauses type 1

First understand the Grammar (If-clause type 1)

exercise 1: TB on page 34 - read the green box. Can you answer the question with your partner (orally)?
exercise 2: TB page 166 (Grammar page). Read about the "if-clause type 1". Then copy the green box into your grammar book.

Now it’s time for practice!

exercise 3: work on "test yourself" (TB page 166)
exercise 4: TB page 34/35 do exercises 7 and 8.
exercise 5: WB page 26/27 - do exercises number 5, 6 and 7.

Now, it’s time for revision: Read and work here:

d) time for vocabulary

E-GK 10 - Inside India

3. Station 2

a) text: Good business

exercise 1: You'll find this text on page 36 (TB). Pracitice reading.
exercise 2: Write down new words, phrases, sentences. 
exercise 3: Work on the exercises 2, 3 and 4 (TB).

b) grammar: pronouns and determiners

c) a company profile

exercise 1: Work on exercise 9 on page 39. Present your local company with Powerpoint.

d) vocabulary station 2

E-GK 10 - Inside India

1. Way in

a) create a travel guide (Powerpoint)

Welcome to India. To approach this beautiful country it would be a nice idea to create a Travel guide. You may use Powerpoint or Keynotes.

exercise 1: Create a travel guide bout India. First start with a fact-sheet: Size, population, average income, currency, form of government... After that present at least 5 beautiful pages: landscapes, cities, mountains, buildings... Present photos and don't forget to write short texts (tip: look on page 30/31 in your books).

b) TB page 30/31

exercise 2: Read the five texts on page 30/31 and do exercise number 1.
exercise 3: Let's do the listening (no 2) exercise on page 31.

c) Time for vocabulary

Now it’s time for some new vocabulary: