stall with fruits and vegetables in market
Englisch-GK 07

E-GK 07-7 xtra: Oral exam (shopping interview)

Your first oral test will be devided in two parts:

  • Part one: Monologue on a picture
  • Part two: Dialogue – a shopping interview

1. Tips for your monologue

1.1 discribe the picture in detail – 3 steps

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. What is where?
  • 3. Who is doing what?

1.2. What do you think about the picture?

1.3 Now some pictures to practice on

2. Tips for your dialogue

2.1 helpful vocabulary for your shopping dialogue


grey concrete ruins under blue white day time
Aktuell, Englisch-GK 07

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Englisch-GK 07

E-GK 07-5 Unit 4: In Northern Ireland

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